・The drinking tray is made of Tritan, a baby bottle, which is FDA approved and does not contain BPA

・Triple filter element removes impurities, chlorine and heavy metals, softens water quality, meets human-grade standards, and provides clean water

・xSecure life support system, equipped with backup battery and low battery reminder

・Smart mode auto-sensitivity day and night frequency conversion, Normal mode continuous water spray

・Four times a day, the intelligent pulse pushes the floating hair, pressurizes the spray, pushes the floating hair on the drinking tray to the filter element, and keeps it clean

・Built-in water level sensor, automatically turn off the power protection mode when there is no water to prevent the pump from burning

・The upper and lower separation design is convenient for cleaning and water changing, and the spiral locking design of the water tray prevents pet damage

・Sleep-grade mute system, the second-generation low-pressure mute water pump cooperates with Roman column water flow structure, the working noise is less than 30 decibels, 25% lower than the previous

・Separate pump design, the pump can be replaced independently if damaged

・Highly designed for pet ergonomics, can relieve cervical spine pressure problems

・Replace the filter indicator light, and calculate the replacement cycle through the water injection volume of the pump

・1.5m USB anti-biting power cord for power supply, environmental protection and energy saving, Smart mode operation consumes 1 degree on average for 3 months

・1.35L capacity

Eversweet 3 Smart Pet Drinking Fountain