The BOURGINI Fryer Plus XXL is a deep fryer and convection oven in one. It has an XXL volume: 5.5 litres / 1.5 kg, so it can fry large quantities in one go. This multifunctional Health Fryer uses hot air and no oil, making it healthy (up to 65% less fat)! It is perfect for quick and easy frying, as well as odourless deep frying, grilling and roasting. It has a luxurious stainless steel finish, a digital touch control panel with 8 speed-selection programs and a basket for chips, snacks, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and more. The XXL basket is dishwasher safe. Enjoy health frying with your own BOURGINI!


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HK$2,180.00 Regular Price
HK$998.00Sale Price
  • Power: 1800 W

    Adjustable timer: Up to 30 minutes

    Maximum temperature: 200 ºC

    Volume: 5.5 L