Cook on your own cooking unit and have fun together! With the Bourgini ONE4ALL you can have fun cooking together at the table in a unique and special way.


-The ONE4ALL features four cooking units that, together or individually, can be used for meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and more.


-The individual cooking units keep the flavours separate and allow everyone to make their own meal.


-The four cooking units feature moveable arms that can be turned so that they can be perfectly placed on the table.


-The removable griddles can be used without oil or butter and are dishwasher safe.


-The ONE4ALL also comes with a white serving dish.


Enjoy cooking with your own BOURGINI!


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HK$1,980.00 Regular Price
HK$1,584.00Sale Price
  • Power: 900W

    Maximum temperature: 190 ºC